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Instrument Donation Program

Instrument Donation Program
Donate an instrument. Change a life.

Musicopia’s Gift of Music program collects, repairs and places gently-used band and orchestral instruments in playable or reasonably repairable condition in schools and with students who are eager to play and are in need of a quality instrument.

*Please note: Some of our drop-off locations cannot accommodate large instruments like drum sets, basses, or keyboards. Please contact the location in advance if you are donating a large instrument.  We do not accept pianos, organs, accordions, kid size drum sets, or sheet music. Method books/ DVDs are welcome.

To donate an instrument:

1. Fill out our instrument donation form

2. Bring the instrument(s) to one of our Gift of Music partner drop-off locations

3. Place donation form with instrument at the drop-off location

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The Philadelphia Music Alliance is a proud partner of the Gift of Music program

Tell us about your donation!

Every instrument has a story. If you would like to tell us a bit about your instrument and why you chose to donate, please write us a note! Take a selfie while holding it and tag us on social media, attach the note to your instrument, or email


The IRS does not allow Musicopia to estimate the value of donated instruments, accessories or supplies. Donors are responsible for estimating the value of the instrument. If verification is needed for tax purposes, please contact a qualified musical instrument appraiser BEFORE donating the instrument.


Some instruments may not meet our quality standards or are inappropriate for education purposes and will be sold with 100% of the proceeds used to repair instruments or purchase new ones.


"Thank you so much for generously providing me with an instrument. Ever since I started playing tuba, I used the school’s instrument. But it is even better to have your own – you have done that for me. Again, I thank you and I am grateful that such a thing was possible in such hard times." ~ Jeff

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