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 Vocussion Discussion


Students will express themselves both vocally and percussively through body rhythm and sound simultaneously.

Pennsylvania Curriculum Standards

(A=Assembly; W=Workshop; R=Residency)

9.1 Production, Performance and Exhibition of Dance, Music, Theatre and Visual Arts A, W, R

15.4 Learning Through Experience W, R

25.3 Pro-Social Relationships with Adults W, R

25.4 Pro-Social Relationships with Peers W, R

Art Form(s): Music, Dance

Genre: African/African-American

Instrument(s): Voice

Assembly, Workshop, and Residency Offerings

Vocussion Discussion Assembly

Bethlehem brings her unique and engaging Vocussionsim style of vocalese and body percussion that will have your audiences tapping, bopping, and bouncing along. This interactive performance combines body percussion and a Tarima (Percussive wooden box), along with voice, to effectively introduce communication between rhythm and sound. This assembly can be done as a solo performance or with instrumentation, but either way your audience will want more.

Best for: K-12


Also available as a Workshop or Residency!

Featuring: Bethlehem Roberson

Bethlehem Roberson is an experienced writer, composer, vocal performer, and recording artist. She has made a significant impact by sharing her experience in the classroom with students eager to learn her specialized technique, Vocussionism.  Vocussionism, a term created by Bethlehem infusing both vocal performance and percussion with a Tarima (Percussive wooden box) to create a unique dual sound and tone that can be applied both in solo performances and with instrumentation.  She relies on her body and voice to effectively introduce communication between rhythm and sound.  With over 20 years of performance experience, she aims to share her gifts of art and performance to a wider audience. 

Joined Musicopia: 2024

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