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Become a FAME Teaching Artist!

Musicopia is seeking teaching artists for our FAME programs (Fostering Artistry and Musical Excellence).


Each year, we send artists to schools throughout the Delaware Valley for long-term, small group music instruction. The program could include: in-school student pull-outs, aiding an existing music teacher during class, or working after school with kids to hone and build music skills. Musicians of all stripes needed, but especially Brass, Woodwind, Guitar, Vocalists, and String instructors. Join our roster of talented artists and be ready to start school programs that fit your schedule. Rates from $30-$50 an hour based on experience. If interested, please send a resume to or feel free to email us with any questions. 


Nature of the Contract 

The FAME Teaching Artist is an independent contractor and not an employee, partner, or agent of Musicopia.  FAME Teaching Artists are professional musicians who may provide the same type of services for other organizations or individuals and are solely responsible for professional development and training to enhance artistic talents. 


About Musicopia 

Musicopia’s mission is to bring a vibrant combination of music performance and education to students and communities throughout the Delaware Valley, with a particular focus on under-served communities that lack adequate music programs or are cut off from the region’s rich cultural life. With the goal of inspiring a deep love and knowledge of great music, Musicopia’s programs promote the transformative powers of music, the value of musical discipline and an appreciation of cultural diversity. For more information, please visit  


About FAME 

Musicopia’s Fostering Artistry and Musical Excellence (FAME) program provides sustained, year-round music education, through small group vocal or instrumental performance coaching and lessons to supplement school or community program’s music curricula.   


FAME Teaching Artists interact with students for 45-to 60-minutes each week to build student confidence, knowledge of musical theory, and instrumental mastery. Teaching artists can develop curriculum independently or provide expertise within existing music programming, providing instruction that ranges from basic to advanced. 


Musicopia’s primary goal is to connect students with music. The FAME Program for Coaching and Lessons works with schools and community organizations to provide quality and cost-effective music instruction opportunities for in-school or after-school programs. All FAME coaching programs are developed to create a personalized, valuable, and fun learning experience for the students. 

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