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Alex and the Kaleidoscope

Alex Mitnick, host of the Emmy® Award winning children’s TV show Alex & the Kaleidoscope, is your trusted friend & guide for an adventure filled hour of singing, moving, dancing, fun facts and celebration.

Pennsylvania Curriculum Standards

(A=Assembly; W=Workshop; R=Residency)

9.1 Production, Performance and Exhibition of Dance, Music, Theatre and Visual Arts A, W, R

15.4 Learning Through Experience A, W, R

25.3 Pro-Social Relationships with Adults W, R

25.4 Pro-Social Relationships with Peers W, R

Art Form(s): Music, Dance

Instrument(s): Electric Bass, Guitar, Drums

Musicopia offers quality
“Little Ones” programming
for Early Learning Centers

Assembly, Workshop, and Residency Offerings

Alex and the Kaleidoscope Assembly

Alex Mitnick, host of the Emmy® Award winning children’s TV show Alex & the Kaleidoscope, is your trusted friend & guide on a journey that leads to the treasures of the world. Students will join Alex and his band for an adventure filled hour of singing, moving, dancing, fun facts and celebration. A wonderful, feel-good program that will leave your students more connected to themselves, each other and the world around them!

Best for: ELC  •  PreK-5  •  Special Needs

Alex and the Kaleidoscope: Creative Classroom Musicianship Workshop

Students will gain an understanding of fundamental musical concepts such as rhythm, melody and dynamics through fun-filled songs, games and other experiential activities. Working together making music students will also learn the importance of listening and respecting one another when participating in a group activity. Following verbal instructions, coordinating mind and body, and working together with classmates stimulates concentration, enables expression, and fosters a sense of community and joy. (Maximum: ~25 students)

Best for: ELC  •  PreK-5  •  Special Needs  •  After-School/Community

Alex and the Kaleidoscope Residency

​Emmy® Award winning children’s performer Alex Mitnick, with more than 15 years of teaching experience as the director of music at the Princeton Montessori School (PreK-8) and the Princeton Center for Teacher Education, shares his passion, humor and skills as a music teacher with students. Weekly visits include singing, dancing, storytelling, musical games, listening exercises and more preparing students for a fun, confidence building final performance with Alex and members of his band, Alex and the Kaleidoscope.

Best for: ELC •  PreK-5  •  9-12  •  Special Needs  •  After-School/Community

About the Artist

Featuring: Alex and the Kaleidoscope

Emmy® Award winning children’s entertainer, Alex Mitnick, is the main host and adventure leader of Alex & The Kaleidoscope, an interactive music entertainment brand, that encourages and inspires kids to celebrate and learn through the power of music, fun facts and adventures to interesting places around the world. 


Alex has been a professional musician since 1999 when he graduated from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia with a music performance degree in jazz guitar. After college, while exploring different genres of music from jazz to rock to sacred Hindu chanting, Alex gravitated towards teaching and discovered that he had a natural gift for working with children. Since then, Alex has gone on to release six award-winning albums of original music for children.


In 2014, Alex produced and starred in his own TV show “Alex & The Kaleidoscope.” The series launched with 5 half-hour episodes and is currently available on several online platforms reaching over 20 million viewers digitally via sites including Kidoodle TV, Kidobi, Toongoggles, AmebaTV, MagicFlix and BatteryPOP. In 2015, Alex & The Kaleidoscope won an Emmy® Award for Best Children’s Programming.


Alex honed his skills as a teacher while developing the music program for infants through 8th grade at the Princeton Montessori School in Princeton, NJ. Since 2000, he has inspired kids of all ages through music and musical theater productions. Alex released his first album, “Kaleidoscope Songs Number One,” in 2004 to rave reviews. He began touring with his band, Alex & The Kaleidoscope, in 2006 and went on to release “Kaleidoscope Songs Number 2” (2006), “Kaleidoscope Songs III: Animals We Dream” (2008) and “I’m So Glad!” (2012). 


In 2013, Alex became a Dad and welcomed his son Miles into the world with his heartfelt release “Love Songs for My Baby.” According to the Parents’ Choice Foundation, it is “Unapologetically positive and upbeat!”. Alex & The Kaleidoscope have appeared on the CW11 News in New York and Fox news in Philadelphia and continue to tour nationally with featured performances in Philadelphia, New York, Washington, DC, Chicago, Los Angeles and countless schools, libraries, and performing arts centers in between.


Alex & The Kaleidoscope’s latest album “Get On Board” was released in 2015 and features songs from Alex’s Emmy® Award winning TV show, plus a handful of new tracks that explore and celebrate the world around us. “Now as both a Dad and a children’s artist, I believe more than ever that the best way to create a better world for us all is to lift our children up and to show them how truly amazing and interesting life can be,” says Alex. “I try to put this sense of wonder into every song I write for children.”

Joined Musicopia: 2014

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