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Musicopia String Orchestra Ad Sales


Thank you so much to all of the businesses that supported our 2019 Musicopia String Orchestra (MSO) concerts.  Your ad revenue directly supported our MSO, which serves students throughout the greater Philadelphia region with three levels of ensemble: Musicopia Young String Players (MYSP), Musicopia String Orchestra, and Musicopia Chamber Orchestra.


Interested in placing an ad?  Each year, Musicopia has ~100 participants from close to 40 schools across Philadelphia, and there are 500-600 attendees at each concert, so your ad will reach a wide audience at low costs in support of a good cause! Ads start at only $100, and we also have first-come first-served opportunities for cover spaces and inserts.


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Click here to advertise in the MSO program book and also the program book

for our partner organization Dancing Classrooms Philly.

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